We can't preach enough about the importance of bag care!
Your bags won't stay looking as new as you first bought it home without a little tender loving care even if you don't use it.

Just like our skin, our bags deserve to be treated with utmost care to prolong the lifespan of the bag. 
A scuffed or worn out bag is never fashionable! 

Tips to care for your bag. . . 

  • Store it well. Never keep your bags in plastic.
  • Invest in high quality leather care and clean it every other day with a dry micro fibre cloth. Condition your bag with leather conditioner to keep it supple & cracks free.
  • Avoid liquid substances/rain exposure. Send it for a bag spa immediately to prevent permanent watermarks.
  • Rotate between different bags. You are not alone! Scratches and stains are fret upon by many bag lovers. However, mould will start to grow when bags are left unused for a prolonged period of time. 

Leave the bag care to the professionals. 
Don’t risk doing more harm than good by attempting to a bit of DIY from home!

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Chanel Small Deauville in 23S Blue Denim and SHW
Sale price $5,950.00 Regular price $6,300.00 Save $350
Chanel Medium 25cm Boy Flap in Black Caviar and AGHW
Sale price $7,490.00 Regular price $9,600.00 Save $2,110