Your old bags got to go. Make space for the new bags.

Have a luxury bag that you have been neglecting?
Why not trade it for some moolah?
Let someone else appreciate what you have appreciated.

  1. Get a quote from us by submitting the consignment application form below.
  2. After price is agreed upon, we will arrange for an appointment at our shop for us to assess bag’s condition.
  3. After the bag has been checked and assessed, we will issue you with a consignment slip with details of the bag and the amount of payout back to you. Your photo id is required for our records. 
  4. There is a minimum consignment period of 2 months. If the bag is retrieved before 2 months, we will collect an admin fee of 5% of the amount of payout as agreed upon.
  5. Once the bag is sold, we will inform you as soon as we can and you will expect to receive your payout in 5 working days.
Sold Out
Hermes Constance 18 (Mini) in Gold Epsom Leather GHW
Hermes Birkin 25 in Etoupe Togo Leather and GHW
Sold Out
Hermes Birkin 30 in Rouge Casaque Epsom Leather and PHW