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  1. Get a quote from us by submitting the consignment application form below. (If you do not receive a reply after 7 working days, you may WhatsApp us at +65 9067 0789) *Kindly check your spam mail as well*
  2. We welcome re-consignment if you have previously purchased the item from us. Please check "Yes" at the re-consignment box and input BrandsLover Sales Invoice number when you submit the form. 
  3. After price is agreed upon, you may drop off your bag at our store located at Marina square during our operating hours. 
  4. Item(s) will only be briefly checked before we issue the consignment slip. Thorough check of the condition will only be done by the assessment team subsequently. 
  5. There is a minimum consignment period of 2 months. If you like to retrieve your item back before 2 months, there will be an admin fee of $100 or 5% of take back value whichever is higher.
  6. We will list your item(s) on our website within 2-3 working days after our assessment team has accessed the condition of the bag.
  7. Once your item is sold, we will payout to you via PayNow / Bank Transfer within 10 working days. (You may also track the status of your bag with your consignment slip number on our website)
  8. Please do not send in boxes/dustbags that are mouldy or in bad condition such as watermarks/ stains as they will be rejected and the take back value will be affected. 
  9. Inaccurate information of the condition of the item will affect the agreed take back value after checking the condition by the assessment team. Hence, we urge all consignors to provide an accurate condition of your item otherwise admin / authentication fee may incur after the assessment of the bag. 

    Last updated on 14 Jan 2024
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      Hermes Constance 18 (Mini) in Gold Epsom Leather GHW
      Sold Out
      Hermes Birkin 30 in Rouge Casaque Epsom Leather and PHW